Women in entrepreneurship often get asked if they still have to overcome the various obstacles that men do not have to face in order to become successful in business. Although there has been a lot of progress in terms of equality in the workplace, women still have a long way to go. There are still many obstacles that women have to overcome when it comes to entrepreneurship. Despite the various obstacles that women face, they still have the determination and resolve to get things done. Unfortunately, the evidence shows that women still need that little bit extra to break through the glass ceiling.

Read below for the stories of five women who overcame the obstacles before them to become successful entrepreneurs.


Arleen Ouzounian (Nazani Tea)

Being an entrepreneur isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for Arleen Ouzounian, who founded the herbal-infusion company Nazani Tea, it was her passion and hard work that pushed her to become one of the most notable female entrepreneurs in the industry. Despite being a successful entrepreneur, Ouzonian says that she still has moments of self-doubt. However, she has learned to overcome these obstacles through her determination and resilience.


Grace Huang (GH HAUS)

Even though the glass ceiling is higher for women in entrepreneurship, Grace Huang, the CEO of GH HAUS, knows that being a minority entrepreneur can make it even harder to gain trust and respect from investors. Nevertheless, the success of her innovative fashion brand launched in the middle of the pandemic demonstrates Huang’s dedication to her company and determination to succeed despite the odds.


Helen Georgio (Buzz Talent, Buzz Mode, and Buzz Celebrity)

Being an entrepreneur is about making a difference in society and improving the lives of others, which is what Helen Georgio believes in. With her agency, Buzz Talent, she was able to double her team’s size and give young aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to break into their chosen field.


Gabrielle Breton (House of Socials)

House of Socials is a digital marketing agency that’s led by Gabrielle Breton, who believes that entrepreneurship is about being a visionary. During the height of the pandemic, she launched her company and made it a huge success. Through her agency, she was able to expand her client base by 25 and gain over 120,000 followers.


Laura K. Inamedinova (LKI Consulting)

Laura Inamedinova is a well-known public relations expert who has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world. She is the founder of LKI Consulting, a thriving communications agency. According to Laura, entrepreneurship is a philosophy that allows people to explore their own ideas while being flexible and responsive to new opportunities. She doesn’t believe that gender should be a factor in determining whether or not a person can become an entrepreneur. Instead, it’s about overcoming the various obstacles that prevent women from becoming successful in business. For young women who are thinking about starting their own business, Inamedinova advises them to accept their fears and push harder towards their goals.