Now that you’ve developed a strong candidate profile and are ready to start pursuing candidates, here’s more advice on how to find qualified candidates and get them interested.

Look Through Your Network

One of the first things you should consider when hiring senior-level executives is your own database. You may have already talked to many passive and active candidates if you work in a specific niche. A well-defined pool of candidates will allow you to identify the areas of expertise you’re looking for. Don’t eliminate a potential candidate just because they aren’t the ideal fit. Even if they aren’t actively looking, they may know someone else who fits the bill.

Make the Offer Appealing

Since most senior-level executives aren’t actively looking for a new job, you must make an offer that’s attractive to them. This will allow you to convince them that you’re the right company for them. It’s important to know what drives people. For instance, some executives are motivated by money, while others are driven by impact.

It’s also essential that you make an offer that’s attractive to the senior-level executives. Besides offering a good salary, you should also consider other perks such as flexible work arrangements and long-term parental leave.

Make Candidates Feel Wanted

You also have to consider the various motivations of each candidate. For instance, some people may want to take on a more prominent position, while others may be motivated by personal growth opportunities. Having a well-defined communications strategy will allow you to target the right people.

You should make every candidate feel as if they were selected based on their capabilities and experience. Instead of using generic greeting cards or templates, ensure that you include a name and a brief explanation of why you chose them over others. This will allow them to respond to your message immediately.

Be Ready to Act Fast

If you find a candidate who is a perfect fit, don’t wait for them to find another job. Instead, immediately contact them and let them know you are interested in hiring them. This will allow you to connect with them and get a feel for their capabilities.

Getting the right person for a senior-level position is a daunting task, especially since it involves hiring someone highly regarded and crucial to an organization’s success. Follow these steps to ensure that you’ll be well on your way to finding the ideal candidate.