Genia C. Philip, J.D., BBA

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Walk by Faith


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Genia shares from her individual experiences, offering how faith and spirituality guided her personal growth with the hope of inspiring others! Visit the blog to read about Genia’s insights on how her faith equipped and empowered her to overcome, succeed and live a fulfilled and purposeful life!

Leadership and Philanthropy


Genia Philip

Genia is deeply passionate about investing in our communities through philanthropic activities. She also strongly believes that leadership is a major key to individual and professional success. Visit this site where Genia’s shares her insights on how philanthropy and leadership can help us transform our communities! 

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Benefits of Offering Childcare in Your Business

Benefits of Offering Childcare in Your Business

Due to the slowing down of business growth and the rising cost of labor, many companies are laying off workers and postponing new hires. However, talented people are always going to be sought-after. One of the most effective ways to court talent is to offer...

Key Metrics for Business Growth

Key Metrics for Business Growth

To grow a business, you must implement the right strategies and analyze the data to make informed decisions. Here are a few essential metrics that will help you achieve your goals. Business performance indicators are used to measure a company's performance.  ...