Business and Community Development Strategist | Non-Profit Expert | Policy Analyst 

Genia C. Philip’s Skills and Expertise

Genia Philip, J.D., BBA is a demonstrated strategist and expert in business and non-profit development and administration and economic/community development. She is also an experienced executive leadership professional and senior-level administrator in for-profit business, non-profit, and government leaders. Additionally, she has demonstrable success in grant procurement and fund development, having raised millions throughout her career.

Genia is the Founder and CEO of the Synergy Strategy Group, a comprehensive Non-Profit, Business, Community, Economic, and Policy Development firm that provides cutting-edge Strategic Planning, Capacity building, and Consulting Services. Visit this site to learn more about the impressive expertise of Synergy’s consultants and strategists and Synergy’s array of services. 

Through her multifaceted work experience, she has acquired valuable knowledge about the interworking of non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, and local government. Additionally, Genia Philip has developed extensive knowledge and best practice in managing entities with complex funding, programmatic, organizational, staffing, and management structures. As a result, she brings a multifaceted array of skills that will benefit your business and/or non-profit in multiple ways.

  • Non-Profit, Community and Economic Development Strategist with expertise in human/social services; neighborhood and property revitalization; housing and commercial property development; workforce and educational programs and services development.

  • Business Strategist who works with businesses to position them to achieve optimal success. We provide expert assistance with system-wide strategic analysis, policy development, operations management, fiscal and programs and services planning, budget development, expenditure monitoring, and fund development strategies. We assist businesses with the development of business, strategic operations, and management plans to help position them to reach their goals and targets and improve profitability through setting goals, determining action items to achieve these goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions.

“Businesses from around the country are finding that expanding their team to include remote consultants affords them access to top talent in the country with the expertise and solid experience to contribute to their non-profit organizations and for-profit business” 

– Genia C. Philip

  • Executive leader and Senior Level Administrator with enhanced experience in organization and program oversight and monitoring; system-wide strategic analysis and planning, policy development and legal analyst; organizational operations infrastructural development and capacity building; operational planning; consult on fiscal planning, budget development and expenditure monitoring.
  • Operations Development and Management including fund development and grants administration which includes sourcing, writing, and management; human resources and fiscal administration; board relations and strategic planning; general day-to-day business administration; advocacy, public policy, community, and public relations; client centered programs and services development and implementation.
  • Capacity building and Operations Infrastructure Development in the areas of organizational day-to-day management; program and services assessment, design, development, and enhancement; short and long-range operational, tactical, and strategic planning; needs assessments and organizational enhancement planning; system evaluations and improvement; staff assessment and development planning; and policies and procedures development.
  • Development of High-Level Operations and Management Documents including strategic plans, policy documents; white papers; business plans; SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis; community needs assessments, strategic planning documents, operational plans, standard operating procedures (SOP) and other operations manuals and documents.

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Genia Philip

Genia Philip Launches New Role

” The Synergy Strategy Group proudly announces the expansion of its services to include several national for-profit and nonprofit clients. “

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